weeklifts - the weekside method


This is my take on cube method/RTS/conjugate principles applied in what I hope to be a long term programming cycle.
My main priorities are:

During the planning and discovery of this, I found Garrett Blevins had already done an excellent job implementing something very close to what I originally had in mind.
I've made some further modifications, but he really did the ground work here. This program takes a lot of ideas from a lot of other successful programs.

For more info on how this came to be, my trial run with percentages, and other draft details, see the weekside trial post. This post is a distilled version of that with RPEs implemented.


General ideas

Main lifts and variations

Main Lifts - Deadlift, Bench, Squat
Schemes - Heavy, Explosive, Reps




Conjugate rotation

Each of the 3 ROM types / variations have specific rep ranges for the 3 styles and 3 waves.
This leads to something like this for a lift over 10 weeks:

We also stagger the conjugate rotation so that each lift is in a different phase each week.
In other words, every lift follows the Heavy, Explosive, Reps rotation, but they start on different phases from Week 1 and do 3 cycles each.

Weekly Main Lift Breakdown


Accessories can be whatever you want, generally targeting some weak points or things not covered by the big 3.
I started with Cube Kingpin and made some variations ending up with something like this to start:

Example of full run

Google Sheet


I think going with a more standardize and highly specific peaking program to get used to high intensities is a better call than trying to modify weekside for peaking. RTS has some great resources for this.

However, removing the staggered conjugate so that you have all 3 lifts heavy in one week (or all explosive / reps in one week) might be brutally hard but line you up to test your maxes on week 10.


Implementing box jumps
Implementing air bike